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Conference Call Transcription Services

Conference Call Transcription Services

Your conference calls will usually contain a large amount of very detailed information that has been discussed in, for example, a roundtable format or that has been presented to a large group of interested parties who have dialed into a central telephone number.conference call transcription services

Distributing this detailed conference call information or reporting on the details of the call is best handled by providing the audio file to DMC Office Services to be transcribed. Once you have the audio captured in an electronic text format, you can utilize it in documents and reports and it is much easier to distribute and highlight the parts of the discussion. This is especially useful with financial type discussions, for example, that provide updates to stakeholders with past spending trends and future forecasts.

Determining Rates for Transcribing Your Conference Calls

DMC Office Services provides an easy to use online worksheet that helps you in calculating your transcription costs. Please visit our online transcription estimate page for a free estimate.


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File Transfers

If you already have audio to be transcribed, Signup to DMC Office Services' Filestore to securely upload the file.

Examples for Transcription Services that we provide include:

Conference call transcription
Webinar transcription
Podcast transcription
Interview transcription for publications, books and documentaries
Report transcription and evaluations
Focus group transcription and shopping interviews
Market research transcription and brand planning meetings
Meeting transcription
Speech transcription
College class transcription
Lecture transcription
Seminar transcription