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Get a Data Entry Estimate

Data Entry Estimation
Use this form to develop an estimate of an approximate value of what a data entry job will cost based on the amount of data needed to be keyed into a spreadsheet from a paper listing. For any additional information that needs to be provided for an estimate, contact DMC Office Services via Email or telephone.

This form provides an estimate only and may be modified after review. Note that data entry jobs from other paper based documents such as booklets or from electronic files or web sites impact the data entry process and these types of jobs must be reviewed individually. Data entry jobs need to be reviewed to determine the complexity involved based on source data extraction and specific work involved in entry process. Additionally, any database creation activities are outside the scope of this estimate.

Type Value Description

Approximate number of records:

  Enter an approximate number of records that you expect will need to be keyed.
Approximate number of characters per record:   Enter an approximate number per record that you expect will need to be keyed. For example: Typically records with name, company, address, city, state, zip and phone numbers are approximately 100 characters.

Information provided below regarding Source, Destination information helps us determine the complexity of the data entry task and is not considered in the estimate.
Source: Paper - Listing
Paper - Individual Documents
Electronic - in Files
Electronic - from Websites
Select the source:
Paper Listing - List of records, such as name and addresses, that will be keyed.
Paper - Individual Documents - Documents will have to be reviewed individually and read to locate the information that  needs to be keyed.
Electronic - In files - Data will have to be reviewed individually and read to locate the information that needs to be keyed. For example, individual Word documents of PDF files need to be opened one at a time.
Electronic - From websites - Data will need to be located from websites that may either be in HTML, PDF or other types of electronic files that need to be downloaded and opened.
Destination: Excel
Select the format records need to be captured in:
Excel - Excel is a spreadsheet and records can be stored in this format or exported into a text, comma separated values and other flat file type formats.
Access - Access is a database and records can be stored in this format or exported into a variety of different file and database formats.
Other - Please describe.
Destination Must Be Created: Yes

Destination must be created:
Yes - The spreadsheet or database needs to be created.
No - The spreadsheet or database will be provided for data entry.

Date Needed By:   Enter date this data entry job is needed by.
Name:   Please provide your name and E-mail address so we may help you with any additional questions you might have.