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Online Estimates

Generate online estimates for transcription, mailing and data entry services.

Online Estimates

The Internet provides a world of self service for people to be able to plan out the details and costs and receive an immediate response so they can make business decisions quickly. DMC Office Services offers three tools to help businesses calculate rates for transcription, mailing and data entry services in easy to use worksheet formats. With all of these worksheets, there’s an opportunity to provide your name and E-mail address so that DMC Office Services may respond to you and answer any additional questions you may have.

The Transcription Worksheet

On the online transcription estimate worksheet, you can enter the length of the audio recording and other features of the audio that helps us in determining your cost. The factors include the clarity of the recording, number of speakers and how they need to be identified, the amount of jargon and to identify if the transcript should be verbatim.

The Mailing Worksheet

On the online mailing estimate worksheet, you can develop the cost of a mailing that DMC Office Services can perform. You can enter number of letters you plan on mailing and if it is single sided, black and white or color and envelope information. If the letter and mailing list needs to be developed, we can provide that service as well.

The Data Entry Worksheet

The online data entry estimate worksheet lets you calculate some basic data entry costs.


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