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Phone-In Dictation Service

The phone-in dictation service is available 24 hours a day. A simple telephone call allows access to dictate your letters and reports.

What is Phone-In Dictation and Why Use It?

If you're a professional who works out in the field or from the office, you can use your cell phone or any touchtone telephone to call our telephone dictation service to record your notes, reports, and letters. Your completed material can be sent out directly, returned to you, E-mailed or uploaded to our Filestore portal.

You save time by making a telephone call and letting us transcribe your work. There's no need to purchase and fumble with tapes, batteries, or malfunctioning recorders. Phone-in dictation is secure and has hours and hours of talk time available.

Additionally like our transcription services, we take time to format the text in a neat fashion and it is proofread. Proofreading is important to DMC Office Services as this extra step ensures missed words are picked up, spellings of industry specific jargon or names, etc. for example can be verified to name a few things we do for our clients. We don't simply run the spellchecker and declare the work done.

Determining Rates for Transcribing Your Recordings

Using the phone-in dictation service is free (there's even a toll free phone number). The rates to transcribe from this services are the same as our transcription service. As an example, a one hour recording, which is clear will generally require about 4 hours to complete. This includes playing back the entire interview and proofreading it before returning the completed transcript to you. Multiplied by $15 per hour, a one hour recording runs approximately $60 to transcribe.

Quality of the recording impacts the amount of time it takes to transcribe an interview. Quality is impacted by background noise and for group interviews, people talking over each other.

For transcription or dictation rates, you can get a quick estimate.

Examples of Phone-In Dictation Services

Dictating letters and reports, for example, are ideal for this type of service. Record your thoughts while they are still fresh on your mind.

Call or create an account prior to using the phone-in dictation service for the first time.

Instructions for Phone-In Dictation

Here are our phone-in dictation instructions for using the phone-in dictation system.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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