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Testimonials From Our Clients

Now and during the 1990's, DMC Office Services predecessor was Write NOW! Word Processing. Here are words that are most appreciated from clients:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know just how much I value and appreciate working with you. Your work is top quality -- and just as important, to me, is the fact that you have been completely reliable throughout this ongoing project. I knew that once a file was with you, it was in good hands. Thank you for always providing that piece of mind.

"I expect we'll be launching several more programs this year and, of course, DMC will be my top choice for producing transcripts!" Mary - August 4, 2010

"Thank you. Nice work!"  Tom - June 1, 2010

"Denise, you do a fabulous job. I am very happy with our relationship."  Gail - August 27, 2008

"You are awesome. Thanks. We really appreciate it. You deliver above and beyond service."  Kelly - July 29, 2008

"Thank you for the quick turn around on the last two [transcriptions]. That was actually kind of amazing. Thanks for all the great work."  George - December 5, 2007

"Denise Continisio of Write Now Word Processing transcribed many of the interviews described in this book. Denise's was a tedious, gloryless job, and she did wonderful work in a hurry."  Bryan Pfaffenberger and David Wall, The 10 Secrets for Web Success, 1996, Acknowledgements.

"I received the file, it's great and we're already manipulating the data in various ways. Outstanding work and timing."  Peter - September 26, 1995.

"Thanks for this [document]. I'm glad you enjoyed working on all of these [transcriptions]. As you know, we'll be doing a number of them [interviews], so we'll be needing your services again. And your work is excellent, as long as I'm at it."  Mark, United Multimedia - September 24, 1995.

"Thanks for your help and professionalism."  Peter, Ciccariello Graphics, Inc. - September 8, 1995.

"Your services performed were incredible considering the short time frames involved. Thank you very much."  George, A. Borealis & Associates - July 8, 1995.