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Transcription/Dictation Estimation
Use this form to develop an estimate of what a transcription will cost. All transcripts are proofread for accuracy to the best that the audio allows. For any additional information that needs to be provided for an estimate, contact DMC Office Services via Email or telephone. Recordings will be reviewed upon receipt and if necessary, estimate may be modified.

Type Value Description
Service Type: Discounted
Same Day
Select the Type of Service for Turnaround
Discounted - 5 to 7 days
Standard - 3 to 4 days
Quick - 1 to 2 days
Rush - 24 hours
Same Day - Within 12 hours
Hours of audio:   Enter number of hours. Partial hours can be entered as a decimal. Ex: 1, 1.25, 3.5, .75
Clarity: Crystal Clear
Somewhere In Between
Select the clarity of the recording:
Clear - Audio is professionally recorded or there is no background noise. Speakers are easy to hear.
Noisy - Background noise, speakers are too far away from the microphone, outdoors, group speaking over each other.
Somewhere in Between - Clear for the most part, easy to hear, little background noise.
Number of speakers: 1 to 2
3 to 4
5 or more
Select number of speakers:
1 to 2 speakers - lecture, presentation, interview
3 to 4 speakers - interview, meeting.
5 or more speakers - meetings, conference calls, webinars.
Identify speakers by name: Yes
Select whether speakers need to be identified:
Yes - Identify by name
No - Do not identify by name (Ex. Q/A, Particpant X)
Jargon: None
Select the level of specialty words:
None - Everyday language, no research necessary.
Some - Some research needed. (Ex. legal, medical, technical).
Much - A lot of research is needed for proper spellings (Ex. medical, legal, pharmaceutical, technical)
Verbatim: Yes - Full
Yes - Partial
Select whether verbatim transcript required:
Yes -  Full - Include everything such as umms, you know, false starts, etc.
Yes - Partial - Include all words, but omit umms, falste starts
No - Remove umms, you know, false starts, etc.
Date needed by:   Enter date transcript needed by.
Name:   Please provide your name and E-mail address so we may help you with any additional questions you might have.