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Transcription Services

DMC Office Services can type your transcripts from audio recordings from digital file formats or from standard or microcassette audio tape.

Transcription Services

DMC Office Services specializes in general business transcription for clients, including areas focusing on information technology, finance and legal fields. Recordings that you need to have transcribed can be provided to us on standard or micro cassette audio tapes or in digital format. We can also rip audio from DVD's for transcription. Recordings that are in digital format can be sent via E-mail directly to or uploaded to our website (prior signup required). Your completed transcripts can be sent out directly or returned to you in hardcopy, E-mailed, or written to diskette or CD-ROM.

Prior to the document being returned, we take time to format the text in a neat fashion and it is proofread. Proofreading is important to DMC Office Services as this extra step ensures missed words are picked up, spellings of industry specific jargon or names, etc. for example can be verified to name a few things we do for our clients. We don't simply run the spellchecker and declare the work done.

Determining Rates for Transcribing Your Recordings

Quality of the recording impacts the amount of time it takes to transcribe an interview. For example, background noise and for group interviews, people talking over each other often severely affects the recording and in turn, the transcriber must spend more time understanding what is being said through the noise and prohibits providing a great document for your use.

Depending on the quality, it may take a transcriber anywhere from 4 to 5 1/2 hours to transcribe a one hour interview. A clear recording with 1 or 2 speakers not talking over each other generally will require 4 hours to complete. This includes playing back the entire interview and proofreading it before returning the completed transcript to you.  For transcription or dictation rates, you can get an estimate online or visit our office services rates page to get a listing of rates for our services.
 audio transcription service

Examples of transcription services that we provide include:
Conference call transcription
Financial call transcription
Focus group transcription
Webinar transcription
Podcast transcription
Interview transcription for publications, books and documentaries
Report transcription and evaluations
Focus group transcription and shopping interviews
Market research transcription and brand planning meetings
Meeting transcription
Speech transcription
College class transcription
Lecture transcription
Seminar transcription

Digital File Types

For digital recordings, transcription using Express Scribe can be performed from the following file formats:

.aif .au .aac .asf .dct .dss .dvf .flac .mp3 .msv
.mp2 .mpga .ogg .ra .ram .rm .sri .fox .wma .wav